Gagarin International Airport

Gagarin is a new international airport in the city of Saratov, located in the Saratov region, north of the village of Saburova.

Task : As soon as possible, before the opening of the new terminal, we were entrusted with the creation of the main design lighting elements - 5 chandeliers in the form of airships.

Solution : Unique lamps are schematic ellipsoidal airships made of luminous rings and half-rings. Each of the 314 elements is individually sized and geometrically tailored to the minimum tolerances for the location and adjacent elements.

To build the drawings, we made accurate measurements using the method of geodetic surveying, followed by building the entire model and converting each element into the drawings.

Result : By the appointed date, the work was completed and the terminal opened its doors to guests and passengers of honor.

In addition to creating a symbolic element of the interior, the issue of the required level of illumination has also been resolved. The lighting control system allows you to remotely adjust the brightness and even create customized dynamic scenarios.