Khabarovsk Novy Airport

New Khabarovsk International Airport named after Gennady Nevelskoy (KHV) is the largest aviation hub in the Far Eastern Federal District.

Objective : In the new terminal of the airport, it was necessary to close all issues of design lighting, taking into account both the appearance and the required level of illumination. To develop from scratch the project of the unique main light composition of the atrium "Waves of the Amur River".

Solution : The most difficult task in the solution was the light structure of the atrium. Due to the impossibility of assembling elements from parts at a height of more than 15 meters, we had to create a light, reliable seamless structure, assemble it and only then lift and fix it at the design mark. The dimensions of the elements were from 12 to 50 meters, and the weight was from 100 to 700 kg.

Also for lighting solutions, according to the design project, DELTA luminaires of various sizes were developed, more than 1000 meters of linear light systems were manufactured and installed.

Result : The final appearance of the object clearly corresponds to the project of German architects. The light structure, visible through the glass façade, has become an integral part of the overall look. The Lighttech team has once again created a unique thing in the world!