Task : We were tasked with the development and concept of a car showroom of the English brand LAND ROVER, as well as adaptation of lighting solutions for a specific room.

Solution : Together with the engineers of the Austrian manufacturer PROLICHT, we have developed a lighting design and calculation of the required room illumination. The solutions were agreed with the British architects, after which we ordered and installed the equipment.

We came up with a technology that made it possible to create each element in the form of a seamless, seamless design. To complete the task in the shortest possible time, we organized almost round-the-clock work of more than a dozen metal processing and painting industries, as well as arranged logistics and installation work in such a way that a terminal strip was installed a few days after the start of work.

Result : The LAND ROVER showroom has appeared in Chelyabinsk in a new design and level that meets all quality standards of this English brand. The lighting component is at the appropriate level, both in terms of illumination and design and color rendering index.