Platov International Airport

Platov Airport in Rostov-on-Don is the first aero-complex in Russia, built "from scratch" by the project of English architects and Russian designers. Platov is a modern international airport built as part of the state program "Development of the transport system of Russia".

Task : To create an author's large-sized lighting structure, to solve the problem of designer lighting for the VIP terminal and business lounges, as well as to offer solutions for lighting the street area. </ p >

Solution : For street lighting, we used LEDS-C4 lamps, and to create stylish interiors of business halls, we used ARTEMIDE designer lamps. The structure was designed by our engineers and made of Ural metal and Japanese SAMSUNG LEDs.

Result : We managed to emphasize the status of the interiors, to give a unique style. We received the highest quality of light, which favorably emphasized solid finishing materials, furniture and decor.

VIP-recreation area PLATOV

Our company has selected and installed lighting equipment for the VIP-terminal recreation area of ​​Platov airport with its own garden and bar on the roof of the building.

The evening illumination of the rooftop terrace creates a cozy waiting atmosphere with a beautiful view of the airport platform.

Lighttech, Vibia and SLV luminaires were used in the project.

I would like to pay special attention to the lamps of our company. They are made of acrylic stone, which is highly durable and durable. Products are devoid of all the disadvantages inherent in natural materials, and also have all the necessary properties for euservice in any conditions.

Thanks to the use of highly efficient LED sources, our lamps with polycarbonate diffusers have become a bright accent in the exterior of the terrace space in the evening.