Five-star hotel in Voronezh. The 19-storey building combines a shopping complex - the former Central Department Store, a business center, halls and various premises. The total area of ​​the building is 50,000 square meters.

Task : Creation of light ceilings of various sizes for restaurant areas, BALLROOM, PREFUNCTION areas.

Solution : We had to create light sources of special manufacture, using high quality LEDs for production. For a clear hit in the result and the delivered technical task at the first stage, we modeled all the premises, made all the necessary lighting calculations, took into account various points and, and only after that, designed and manufactured specialized lighting equipment.

Result: The task was completed entirely on our own - from design to installation, and clearly corresponds to the original technical specifications. Once again and in a short time, we coped with the task and handed over to the Customer a solution that has no analogues in the world.