An innovative look at the production of modern lighting systems

Quality at the level of world leaders. 5-year warranty for all products is the current reality. Our goal is a 7-year warranty on all products.

High lighting performance. Already, our products are mostly indexed CRI90 color rendering and diode efficiency at 150lm / w

Versatility. We create products that can be applied in various fields lighting engineering and for various lighting tasks.

Service. We provide our partners not only a product, but also a solution for a specific tasks by detailed analysis of the problem and the selection of the optimal solution. We also provide logistics and other services related to the movement of lamps to our partners.

Realized projects
Completed projects:
Hotels, apartments

Lighting design

is a very interesting engineering process for selecting and comparing parameters of different types and devices lighting and a specific lighting task. In other words, we have a certain task as a source and we, realizing this task, make the selection of the necessary lighting solution and lighting devices (lamps and lighting systems) capable of realizing this task.

They trust Us

Strengthening long-term relationships with existing partners, the Lighttech brand offers special partner support and invite new partners to cooperate on individual conditions.