Congress Hall

Task: Before the opening of the congress center during the GMIS summit, our company was assigned several tasks at once for the facility - the creation of light lines integrated into the slatted ceiling, and the development of design lighting for the 4th floor.

Solution: To solve the problem of linear systems, our engineers have developed a special aluminum profile, and together with CESAL have thought over and manufactured a system for fixing and connecting ceiling rails with lighting equipment. The unconventional technology for manufacturing the light diffuser made it possible to obtain a minimum number of seams and their complete absence on cross joints.

Having designed a unique version of the big love, we solved both the issue of lighting and the issue of hiding engineering systems, and also gave the object an individual and unique look. In addition to the central chandelier, large light elements were made in the form of glowing triangles of various sizes.

Result: In a short time, organizing almost round-the-clock work at the production site and facility, the company coped with the task. The Congress Center met and amazed with its beauty and scale of high-ranking guests from other countries. The central element of our work - the "starry sky" chandelier - immediately claims 2 nominations in the book of records: "The largest chandelier in Russia" and "The largest chandelier weight". The dimensions of the structure are 78x30x3 meters, and the weight is more than 16 tons.