REFORMA is a modern fitness space in the Yeltsin Center, which combines the best: the latest equipment, the latest technology, modern design, the best training programs, an ideal microclimate all year round. & lt; / p & gt;

The fitness club occupies almost 2,000 m 2 .

Task: Develop and implement a sports lighting system. Features of the project lie in the need to create an invigorating and stimulating training atmosphere. A small amount, as well as its unevenness, or pulsation, lead to rapid fatigue of light and reduced results.

Solution: Suspended aluminum profiles with an energy-efficient LED strip were used in the project, allowing to create uniform flood lighting and effectively complement the design solutions of the interior of the club's gyms. LED lighting was installed in all Reforma fitness centers. The length of the pendant lights at some points exceeds 20 meters. Also, the lighting of the respawn and brand-wall zones was implemented.

Result: Construction of a sports lighting system - from the available illumination and the estimated amount of light to the installation, start-up and debugging of all equipment. The implemented solutions meet the requirements for creating high-class facilities.